Active Directory Restore Objects

Restore your backed up objects or attributes to the original location on the same computer. The Commvault Web Console allows you to perform in-place restores using the Active Directory application.


  1. From the navigation pane, click Protect > Applications > Active Directoryclient
  2. To the right above sub clients, click Restore. The Backup Content page appears.
  3. If you click the Name check box, all objects, attributes, and organizational units are selected automatically. To restore particular objects or attributes, expand the organizational unit and then select the objects.
  4. Click Restore.

Objects Not Restored In-place Using the Active Directory Application

Due to a Microsoft limitation the following attributes are backed up but cannot be restored in-place. If the Update Privilege value is set by the system, then the attributes cannot be restored in-place. For example, the Bad-Password-Time attribute is not restored in-place as the Update Privilege value is set by the system. For more information on the available attributes and restoring a deleted active directory object, see All Attributes and Restore a Deleted Active Directory Object.

  • ObjectGUID
  • ObjectSid
  • PrimaryGroupID
  • BadPasswordTime
  • LastLogoff
  • LastLogon
  • MemberOf
  • PwdLastSet (only if adldaptool.exe was executed before the backup)
  • USNChanged
  • USNCreated
  • WhenChanged
  • WhenCreated
  • DistinguishedName
  • UserAccountControl
  • Delete Objects
  • rootDSE object
  • SID-History (only if adldaptool.exe was executed before the backup)

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