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Application Login Issues (Windows)

If you are experiencing difficulty signing into certain software or applications on your Windows computer, it is possible the issue is previously stored password(s) on your machine interfering with the login. Follow the steps below for locating and removing these old passwords.

1. At the bottom-left of your screen, left-click the Windows logo to open the start menu. Then type “credential manager” and open it.

2. Click the “Windows Credentials” tab and locate the software or application name that you are having difficulty with. Click the drop-down arrow to expand the details, then click the “Remove” button to delete the stored credentials.

3. Do this until all stored passwords are removed, then reboot your machine. After the reboot, open and log into the application.


If you are trying to sign into an Office365 product like Outlook or Skype and it is still not working, you may need to contact your IT department for further assistance. Or if you are a Magna5 Helpdesk customer we can assist you at 800-462-4625 option 3.

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