ATA Device

What Is an ATA Device?

If you are new to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you may not have heard the term ATA before. All you know is that you have a perfectly good telephone and you want to keep using it instead of purchasing a VoIP phone. An ATA device is an analog telephone adapter and is used for connecting traditional analog handsets and fax machines to the internet.  

The ATA device has a WAN interface used to connect to the internet and one or more telephone ports so that you may connect your analog telephone to the internet. If you have an ATA device with more than one telephone port, it is possible to have more than one phone number.

Which ATA Device Does Magna5 Use?

Magna5 uses the CISCO SPA-112. This ATA device has a WAN port and two phone lines that supports two phone numbers.


How to Reboot the CISCO SPA-112

  • Remove the power connector from the DC 5V Power connector, then count 10 seconds.
  • Insert the power connector back into the DC 5V Power connector.

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