Charlotte Support Center

The Magna5 Charlotte, North Carolina Metro technicians are accessible by email, or if your issue is immediately urgent; our phone number. Technicians have the capability to initiate a remote screen share session to your computer, phone, or table to troubleshoot and diagnose issues.

Submit & View Tickets from the Support Portal
The Support Portal is our preferred method to interact with customers. You can login to this portal to view & update tickets, track projects, and view invoices.
Login to the IT Support Portal
First time user? Learn how to use the IT Support Portal.

Accessibility: No need to worry about creating a new account! You can sign in using your organization’s existing Office365 or GSuite account. Additionally, the Portal uses Single Sign On meaning you won’t have to remember a password after your first login. Submitting your tickets is also not a hassle. Simply select “Submit a ticket”, choose a category & provide some information, and your issue is in our capable hands.

Faster Support: Submitting a ticket from the Portal allows our technicians to resolve your issue as fast as possible by being provided the necessary information up front. No time wasted waiting in a call queue to be questioned about your problem. Tickets also allow for open communication between you and the assigned technician so you can stay up-to-date on the status of your issue.

Email the Operations Center & Help Desk
[email protected] for any issues with your workstation, tablet, mobile phone, systems or network issue.

Call the Help Desk & Operations Center
The Charlotte Metro direct phone number is 1-704-554-1065 please select the appropriate option to ensure you are routed to the correct support group. Note that calling is not always the best method for receiving support. Please submit a ticket using the Support Portal if your issue is not urgent.

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