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Forticlient – MultiFactor Authentication

The following procedure will walk you through installing the FortiClient (2FA) Authenticator and generating the necessary security tokens to log into your VPN.

1. First, download and install the FortiToken Mobile application from the Google Play Store or the App Store from your mobile device.

2. Once installed, open the application and tap the SCAN BARCODE button from the bottom-left of the app screen.

Note: You should receive an email from your organization or IT department containing the barcode you will need to scan. You may also alternatively receive a 16-digit code you can enter manually. If this is the case, tap the Enter Manually button instead.

Email Example

The email you receive may or may not look exactly like this example, though it will contain similar information.

3. After scanning the barcode or manually entering, a 6-digit temporary security code should be generating from the FortiToken Mobile app.

4. Open FortiClient, enter your credentials and click Connect.

5. You should now be prompted with a “Token” field. Enter the 6-digit security code from your FortiToken Mobile app and click OK.

Note: If the token on the app expires or resets before you sign in on FortiClient, you will need to use the updated code.

6. After clicking OK, you should receive the usual successful connection notifications and are now connected to your FortiClient VPN.

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