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How do I Enable my iPhone Hotspot?

Enabling your iPhone’s hotspot turns the device into a Wi-Fi router similar to that which you may have in your home. Below are instructions for how to enable this function.

1. Open the settings app, then select “Mobile Data” or “Mobile”.

2. If Wi-Fi / Bluetooth are disabled, iOS will ask if you would like them enabled. Enable both Wi-Fi and Bluethooth.

  • For a more secure connection, do not enable Bluetooth, and connect your iPhone via its USB cable directly to the device you wish to utilize the Hotspot with.

3. Tap “Wi-Fi Password” and enter a suitable password. This is not related to your Apple ID or usual Wi-Fi connection.

4. From the device which you want to connect to the Hotspot, open your Wi-Fi connections and locate your Hotspot and connect.

  • When you are prompted for a password, enter the password just previously set when enabling the Hotspot.
  • If it does not connect immediately, give it a couple of minutes and attempt to browse the internet, you should now have connectivity.

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