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How do I Restore Recently Deleted Emails?

1. When an item is unintentionally/accidentally deleted the first location to check is the deleted items folder in your mailbox.

2. If it cannot be located in the deleted items folder, you will want to check the Recoverable Items folder. Please follow the instructions below based on whether you are using Outlook or Webmail.

Outlook Client:

  • Open Outlook if it is not already opened.
  • Click “Deleted Items”
  • Click “Recover Deleted Items from Server Actions”
  • Highlight the items you are trying to restore. More than one item may be selected by holding down the “Ctrl” key during selection.
  • Click “Restore Selected Items” then click “Ok”.


  • Log into webmail.mymailpanel.com
  • Click “Deleted Items”
  • Click on “Recover deleted items”.
  • Click on the email you are trying to restore. Assure there is a checkmark in front of the email after selection.
  • Click on “Restore”, however be cautious to not select “Purge” in error.

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