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How do I use the Monitoring Portal?

1. From the main page, you can select which information is displayed by changing your “View”. To do so, on the left side of the window you may select one of the following:

  • Active Issues Displays all unacknowledged active alerts for all devices.
  • All Devices Displays all devices in system, allows you to search.
  • Job Status  Displays any active Jobs in the system.

2. For an example click “Active Issues”. Most notably this view displays information regarding the type of alert, the device associated with it, and the transition time.

3. To adjust what information is displayed from this view:

  • Click the “Show Filter” bar on the right-side of the window.
  • Configure what information is displayed. Check the box of each item you wish to view alerts for in “Active Issues”. Once finished, hide the filter by clicking on the bar again.

4. To view additional information for a specific device, left-click on the name listed under “Device/Probe”. You may also view specific details regarding an alert by left-clicking the name listed under “Service”.

5. From here, you can either RDP directly to the device from your machine by clicking the “Remote Control” button at the top-right if available. Or you may click one of the tabs highlighted to view additional information.

  • Overview – Active issues and system information for the device.
  • Monitoring – Displays all services monitored for the device.
  • Asset – All information pertaining to the device/system.
  • Notes – Notes assigned to the device.
  • Settings – View device properties, monitoring options, and maintenance windows.
  • Reports – Generate various reports pertaining to device / services.

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