iOS VPN Configuration (Meraki)


Apple has removed the native support and pass-through capabilities of PPTP VPN connections through IOS10+ devices. The Meraki Client VPN utilizes a more secure L2TP connection an can still successfully connect through a mobile hotspot broadcast from an iOs device.

1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> VPN -> Add VPN Configuration…

2. On the Add Configuration screen that appears, set the Type to L2TP.

3. Enter a Description for the VPN connection.

4. Enter the public IP of the MX device (found in Dashboard, under Security appliance -> Monitor -> Appliance status -> Uplink) as the Server.

5. Under Account, enter the username to be used to connect to the Client VPN.

6. Enter the Password if desired. If the password is left blank, it will need to be entered each time the device attempts to connect to the Client VPN.

7. Enter the VPN Secret.

8. Ensure that Send All Traffic is set to On.

9. Save the configuration.

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