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My Phone is not Working

If multiple or all phones are experiencing difficulties

Please see this article.

The following steps can resolve a number of common issues such as “No Service” messages, power issues, or trouble establishing calls on a single phone.

1. Power cycle your phone. Locate the power cable for your phone (ther emay only be one cable coming from the phone) and disconnect it for 10 seconds. Reconnect it and allow the phone to boot completely. Test and if trouble persists move to next step.

2. Test the cables, jacks, separate phone:

  • If possible, swap out the ethernet cable (image below) with another.
  • Assure the ethernet cable is plugged into the network port on the phone and the wall.
  • Test the phone in a different jack.
  • Test a different phone in the jack the current phone was plugged into.

3. If there are issues with outbound or inbound calling, take a hand set phone directly to the Demarcation point and connect directly to it.


The demarcation point is where the publicly switched telephone network ends and connects with the buildings on-premises wiring.

  • If you are able to successfully establish calls from the demarcation point then there is likely an issue with cables internal to the building. Maintenance should be contacted for your location to investigate and resolve internal wiring issues.
  • If you are unable to establish calls from the demarcation point, please contact us so we may investigate the issue.

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