Office365 SharePoint Restore Sites

You can restore Office 365 sites either to the same source client or to a new destination client using the Commvault Web Console.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Solutions > Office 365.The Office 365 apps page appears.
  2. Click a SharePoint server.The selected SharePoint server page appears.
  3. In the Contents section, click the Office 365 backup set.The Office 365 backup set page appears.
  4. In the Subclient section, click a subclient that you want to restore.The subclient page appears.
  5. From the Subclients section, follow any one of these methods to perform a restore operation: 
    • In the Restore column of the subclient for which you want to perform the restore operation, click Restore.
    • Click a subclient that you want to restore, and then, on the subclient page, click Restore.
    The Backup content page appears.
  6. From the upper-right of the page, select a backup to restore. 
    • To use the most recent backup, click Show latest backups.
    • To use a backup from a specific date, click Show backups as of a specific date, select a date, and then select the backup.
  7. Select the sites and documents that you want to restore, and then click Restore.The Restore options page appears.
  8. Click Restore.


  • You must manually create the destination top-level site before performing the restore operation.
  • Any missing subsites are created automatically under the destination top-level site during the restore operation.
  • For an out-of-place restore operation, you cannot paste the URL in the destination path. Clear the Restore to original folder check box, and then click Browse to select the destination.
  • During an out-of-place restore operation of multiple related sites, the top-most selected site in the source hierarchy is restored to the destination site. The rest subsites are restored in the same hierarchical order as it was in the source.
  • You cannot browse and restore the deleted items.

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