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Setup Office365 on iPhone & iPad

1.Navigate to your device’s Settings app. Scroll down to and tap “Accounts & Passwords.”

Device Settings > Accounts & Passwords”/></figure>

<p><strong>2. </strong>Tap “Add Account.”</p>

<figure class=Tap "Add Account"

3. Select “Exchange.”

Choose Exchange

4. Enter your Office365, Outlook, or Exchange email address. Tap “Next.”

Exchange Sign In

5. Tap “Sign In.”

Tap Sign In if using O365 or tap Configure Manually if you have your organization's server settings.

6. Enter the password associated with the account. Tap “Sign in” or “Next.”

Enter your O365 work or school account password.

7. If the mail app prompts a request for certain permissions, tap “Accept.”

Tap Allow if prompted to give permission.

8. Choose which services you would like sync’d with your device and tap “Save.”

Account sync settings

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