Virtual Machines – How do I Restore Files / Folders?

1. In the CommCell Console, locate the vCenter Server that hosts the VM you need restored. Once found, expand the vCenter Server until you see the “defaultBackupSet”. Right-click on the “defaultBackupSet” and choose “Browser and Restore” under “All Tasks”.

2. On the Time Range Tab, select the time range you would like to restore from. Leave “Latest Backup” selected for the last backup taken.

3. To restore files/folders, select “Guest Files and Folders” on the Virtual Server tab then click “View Content”.

4. Browse the server for the files and folders and you need to restore. Clicking on a folder in the left pane will display to folders and files that it contains in the right pane. Select everything that needs restored and then click “Recover All Selected…”.


This will not start the recovery process.

5. You can choose to restore to a client with a File Agent installed or directly into a Virtual Machine. Additionally, you can select to “Restore Both Data and ACLs” or “Restore Data Only” at the top of the dialog box for either restore method.

  • Restore to File Agent (Fastest Method): Restoring files from the Virtual Machine backup to a File Level Agent is faster then restoring to a Virtual machine. However, using this method may require you to manually move the file to the correct location once it’s restored.
  • Choose the Destination Client and Specify the Destination Path.

  • Restore to Virtual Machine (Slower Method): Restoring files back into a Virtual machine can take a considerable amount of time depending on how big the VMDK or VHD is.
  • Check the box next to “Restore To Virtual Machine” and choose the vCenter and Virtual Machine you want to restore to. Once you select the correct Virtual Machine, enter the credentials for restore access.
  • Specify the Destination Path within the Virtual Machine to restore to.

6. Go to the Job Initiation tab, leave this as default to run the job Immediately. If needed, you can schedule when you would like the restore to begin. Once set, click “OK” to start the recovery process.

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