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Windows 10 Laptop Wi-Fi

If you are receiving errors while trying to connect to a wireless network, please refer to the following procedure.

1. Assure Wi-Fi is turned on and airplane mode is turned off on your device, reboot, and attempt to connect.

2. Forget known networks on your device.

  • Open Settings
  • Open Wi-Fi
  • Locate known network(s) and tap/click or press and hold to view “Forget” option.
  • Tap/click “Forget”
  • Reboot the device and try to connect again.

3. If you are trying to connect to connect to a hot spot:

  • Forget the hot spot on your computer if you have tried connecting to it.
  • Disable the hot spot on your mobile device and reboot.
  • Reboot your laptop.
  • Enable the hot spot on your mobile device and attempt to discover and connect to it from your laptop.

If you are working from a home office or many users are experiencing issues:

4. Locate your router and reboot it. This can be done simply by disconnecting the power cable from it, and after 10 seconds, reconnecting it. If you do not have internet connectivity 10 minutes after power cycling the router, try rebooting your device again.

5. Check both ends of the power cable to your router. If there are no lights showing on the router the cable is likely loose. If the power cable is seated securely on both ends and there are still no lights, try plugging the cable into a different outlet.

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