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AlienVault Alarm Navigation Overview

Please see the “How do I log into AlienVault?” procedure if you have not already to access your account.

1. Once signed in, left-click the Activity drop-down at the top, then select Alarms from the drop-down.

2. This will now bring you to a specific page where all alarm details are located. From these alarms, it allows us to determine the source IP’s, destination IP’s and necessary information for investigation.

3. To see further details pertaining to an alarm, choose an alarm and left-click on it to open a page dedicated to the alarm selected. See below image for example.

4. Left-click on Associated Events to review more information.

5. From here, you will be able to see event details and raw log information.

If you experience any technical difficulties with your account please contact us at 844-462-4625 option 3 and ask to speak with our security department regarding your issue.

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