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How do I Setup Email on my iPhone or iPad?

Note this procedure may vary slightly depending on your device or iOS version.

1. Navigate to your Settings app.

2. Tap “Accounts & Passwords” then “Add Account”.

3. Select Exchange

4. Populate the requested information and tap “Next”.

5. Depending on your organization, you will either want to proceed to sign in using your email address and password, or choose “Configure Manually”.

6. If you choose to Configure Manually you will need:

  • Server name
  • Domain name
  • Username (this is typically what comes before the @ in your email address.)
  • It is advised to delete the password that is automatically populated in the field and re-enter it before continuing.

If successful, mail should begin populating in your Mail app. If unsuccessful, double-check your information and confirm it is accurate. If you have verified the information and can still not complete setup, contact your IT department for assistance.

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